Representing People Being Sued

When you need someone to vigorously fight for your rights and freedom while minimizing the impact of a criminal charge against you, contact an attorney at the law office of R.J. Weber III, LLC today.

Facing a criminal charge can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Depending on the nature of the crime, your record and the Connecticut laws you could be looking at jail time, a hefty fine and a conviction that will go on your criminal record. Once you have a criminal record you may be unable to find employment in certain fields, travel, visit children or enjoy your life to the fullest. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney the better your chances for being released without bail or the lowest possible bail, getting a hold of all police reports, evidence and witnesses against you, scrutinizing the prosecutor's case for any imperfections or mistakes and negotiating to have the charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

At the law office of R.J. Weber III, LLC we have experience in providing legal representation and counsel for many criminal cases including DWI, DUI, assault, larceny, drug possession and trafficking and juvenile offenses. When charged with a crime it is in your best interest to act as quickly as possible to protect your rights and start building a defense case that will minimize the damage a criminal charge can cause.