When an adult in Connecticut is unable to manage his or her own affairs a probate court will appoint a conservator to supervise the financial and personal dealings of that person. There are two types of conservatorships: a conservator of a person manages an individual's personal affairs, while a conservator of the estate oversees an individual's financial affairs. If you need one or both types of conservatorships, contact an attorney at the law office of R.J. Weber III, LLC today. We have years of experience practicing elderly law in Connecticut and can provide legal representation, counsel and guidance if you or someone you know is in need of a conservatorship in Connecticut.

Under the Connecticut conservatorship proceedings, a person will file an application for conservatorship with the probate court after which a hearing is held to determine the condition of the individual and decide whether or not a conservator should be appointed. We approach each conservatorship case in Connecticut with the same dedication and passion to assist people with their estate planning and probate needs for the protection of their assets, property and rights during their lifetime and afterwards.

Our conservatorship legal representation includes preparing a power of attorney document, appointing a conservator to manage an estate, providing annual accounts to the probate court and removing or discharging a conservator.